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The Geek Path manifesto

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In every one of us there lies a seed of geekiness.

Be curious.
Dip our toes into that little thing that catches our attention.
Ask questions. Read widely.
Seek unfamiliar experiences.
Explore the jungles of information.
Marvel at the vastness of what can be learnt.

Be open-minded.
Make friends from all backgrounds. Be humble.
Be receptive to all feedback.
Connect ideas from vastly different domains.

Be supportive.
Collaborate. Critique heartily. Be kind.
Encourage a newcomer.
Share our crafts with the community.

Be dedicated.
Compose music. Design electronics. Tinker with toys. Program software. Cook meals.
Persevere through the long process.
Mistakes are natural.
It is in the doing that we vastly improve our craft.

Be bold.
Have the courage to pursue our ambitions. Dig deeper with every discovery.
Take every little step, every little detail, every little desire, every little discomfort, every little joy into the journey that makes us who we truly are.

Be geeks.

Anyone is welcome to make derivative art projects from the original design files.
Available on GitHub as Affinity Designer source file and multiple formats;
SVG, PNG, PDF, TXT and Markdown.
All creative works are dedicated to the Public Domain (CC0).

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Codified by the grassroots geek community of engineers, designers and makers from Singapore and beyond.

  1. Adeline Seah
  2. Adnan Jalaludin
  3. Agatha Lee
  4. Aizat Omar
  5. Alyssa Quek
  6. Ambrose Chua
  7. Angeline Tan
  8. Aqilah Misuary
  9. Audrey Lim
  10. Cathy Ooi
  11. Dona Banerjee
  12. Ei Wai
  13. Fazli Mansor
  14. Guo Xiang Tan
  15. Hakim Hamid
  16. Harish Pillay
  17. Harish Venkatesan
  18. Huijing Chen
  19. Hwee Xian Tan
  20. Jia Hean
  21. Jian Wei
  22. Jinny Wong
  23. Joey Cheong
  24. Juan Miguel Jimeno
  25. Jurvis Tan
  26. Kiruthika Curic
  27. Leon Lim
  28. Martin Brochhaus
  29. Melissa Tan
  30. Min Ong
  31. Natalie Tay
  32. Navjot Pawera
  33. Pui Kwan Lee
  34. Rebeka Dune
  35. Roland Turner
  36. Saad Chinoy
  37. Sahil Bajaj
  38. Sam Hon
  39. Sonia Saravanan
  40. Theng Lee Tan
  41. Vina Rianti
  42. Vishnu Prem
  43. Wei Lu
  44. Weiman Kow
  45. Winnie Lim
  46. and you?

Collated and designed by Michael Cheng, Lim Chee Aun and Sayanee Basu.